If you haven’t seen our main website, The Machine Zone, take a quick look now. The section on addiction is useful as it suggests how we may all develop engrained habits in our interaction with digital devices. Without being full blown addictions as such, it is likely that some of the psychology underlyig addiction to FOBTs may be common to less toxic but still significant habits. If you have time have a look at our section called Time on The Machine Zone which proposes that ‘time’ is a crucial factor in human psychology which informs our everyday lives, our habits, our meantal or emotional problems and our addictions.

We’ve tried to keep the amount of writing on this site as brief as possible but there’s volumes of written materials about FOBties so the site is inevitably wordy. You can just skim the written materials and concentrate on maybe the videos if that’s your style.  There are many links which will take you to more detailed exploration of some subjects.

Some sections have sub-sections. For instance, if you hover your cursor over Media Coverage more sections will appear below. Media coverage is a good place to start too. Then maybe look at some of the issues raised in an overview of Controversies.

The blog will provide up to date items, and you can subscribe by leaving your email address. Ironically, it’s a wise decision not to let your inbox get filled with yet more ‘stuff’ so you may feel it better to bookmark the site and return.

After checking the Home and About pages, just feel free to explore. There are links between sections.

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