We hope that everyone learns things relevant to their own lives on this site.

For those who may have or be developing an addiction problem we hope that knowledge gained here will help on the road to recovery. In particular, we hope that you will see that whatever pain you and those around you are suffering it is the reult of an illness, not of badness or weakness. While guilt and shame are typical aspects of addicition, hopefully they can be lessened a little.

For teachers there are many opportunities. A good teacher will be able to spot these and design projects and resources. The issues on this site cover politics, addiction, mental health, psychology, history, democracy, and they present a body of material which expresses many contrary and conflicting viewpoints for students to debate and assess.

Support and educational websites include GamCare , GambleAware and Young Gamblers Education Trust .

More advanced students can be directed to use this site as a basis for producing their own research.

We’ll be making some suggestions for how young people can engage with the issues raised on this site. For classroom and other settings, we’ll offer some suggestions and example activity ideas. But all that is….


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