‘One Last Spin’: Production Begun

Great that after months of delay because of coronavirus, filming has started on One Last Spin

Brilliant to welcome Kelly and John up from Merseyside and Tony Franklin (from everywhere!) for first three interviews. Powerful stuff. Lit up Glasgow on the wettest day of the year.

More to follow soon.



one last spin

Our present project is the production of a high-quality documentary about issues around gambling in the world today. A highly professional and experienced production team is currently engaged in research and planning. The film will centre around the gambling life of Martin Paterson who many of you will recognise as one of the most vocal campaigners demanding urgent and radical reforms to the gambling industry. We’ll also hear from other campaigners and people whose lives have been seriously affected by digital gambling devices. Adding their voices will be academics who specialise in gambling research. There is a new page on this site for the documentary, and we’ll be posting regular updates.